Venator Broadcast hits Broadcast Asia!

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Last month our team lead of APAC Oscar Moon Nulty and Senior Consultant Robbie Yates jetted off to Singapore for one of the biggest industry shows of the year Broadcast Asia. Here is their breakdown of the trip....

Singapore experience

It was an exciting trip for us! It was Robbie’s first time in Singapore so we made sure to see the City, the CBD and the Iconic views from the succession of rooftop bars we visited throughout the week. It was a highlight for me (Oscar) personally to take the opportunity to visit Disney’s office in Fusionopolis which is based in an office owned by Lucasfilm, in a building that is uniquely inspired inside and out by the architecture and design from Star Wars – especially notable by the elevators! The World Cup was as much of a talking point throughout as it is everywhere right now, so it was also enjoyable to be amongst people from almost every nationality represented at the tournament.


Onto the show

The show itself was one of the best we've attended. The consensus from the market at the moment and the clients we met is that there is an air of caution and conservatism in terms of growth in the immediacy, but a positive outlook for the next 6+ months. The general themes that have been in discussion over the course of the past decade are now really beginning to come to the fore, it very much feels like what was once considered ‘the future’ is actually happening when it comes to the continued proliferation of OTT services and an increasing number of successful deployments for IP-based workflows. The E-sports arena was interesting also, as although this phenomenon still feels fresh to some, many manufacturers are finding real applications for their technology in this space too.


It was a pleasure as always to spend time with people we work with as clients and candidates in the industry, both at the show and at some of the great networking events put on by the likes of Ooyala and Akamai to name but two.

In conclusion, whilst the hard work starts now and as with our clients in the industry we have a lot follow-up work to do before we can truly assess the success of the show, we’re both looking forward to returning to Singapore and BroadcastAsia again next year! 

Until next time folks...

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